New – Coming in 2022 – 14 Live Bands – The Examples below are just Examples.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekends

* Subject to Covid-19 Rules & Regulations – No Refunds whatsoever if you book and band is not able to play due to Covid-19 or any other cancellation as you are still taking a campsite.

Tribute Bands & Cover Bands for 2022 – These are examples and we are waiting for the final line-up of Bands and dates to be listed here in early 2022.

Coming to Medcalf Acres next Summer!

We’re going to try to make 2022 the Best Summer Ever!

Hopefully, we can all put Covid-19 behind us!

Below here were Bands, dates and times that are just Examples.  2022 coming soon!

Adjust your volume when playing the video’s below

On May 29th, Saturday night at 8pm, (Memorial Day Weekend), we will be having Rock of Ages, a Def Leppard Tribute Band.

On July 3rd, Saturday night at 8pm, (July 4th Weekend), we will be having Back in Black, an A/C DC Tribute Band.

On September 4th, Saturday night 8pm, (Labor Day Weekend),we will be having Across the Pond, a Beatles Tribute Band.

We will also be having 11 other bands on 11 different nights throughout the Summer.

& Elvis sightings

For a total of 14 Live Bands & Elvis is in the House!

Please read below:

This private entertainment is for our Campers only that are staying and paying with us on the night of the Band.  Minimum of 2 nights, 3 nights on the Holiday weekends when you camp with us.

Subject to Covid-19 Rules

Campground Live Band Event Rules

Limited number of guests per site
Must be approved by Karl at the time of reservation
Front Gate will be Monitored
There will be an attendance list to check in all guests
Outside guests not approved in advance will not be allowed in
Wrist bands will be given out and must be worn by attendees 
Any acts or disturbances of bad behavior by a guest will cause guest to be asked to leave this private event immediately 
Rules subject to change by Owner at anytime
Seasonals must register guests by calling Karl at 518-605-9247, limited number of guests allowed

There are no refunds if a band cancels as we are not charging xtra for this event (No Cover Fee).  DJ – Joe Ramsey will fill in for a band that cancels or does not show up.  Covid – 19 permitted.  We are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for the band’s failure to show up.  Bands are subject to change at anytime for any reason, whatsoever.  



(Subject to Covid-19 Rules)

The list below is only an Example and is not the actual list of dates and bands.  In early 2022 we will post the eaxact bands, dates and times!

Live Bands playing @ 8pm:

Rock of Ages (Def Leppard Tribute Band) – 5/29/21
Bad Man By Beatin The Odds (Southern Rock) – 5/30/21
Back in Black (AC/DC Tribute Band)-  7/3/21
Mike & The Monsters (Rock & Roll) – 7/4/21
Joe Ramsey (Elvis & DJ’ing) – 7/5/21
Proudest Monkeys (Dave Mathews Tribute Band) – 7/10/21
Broken Hearted (Tom Petty Tribute Band) – 7/17/21
Rustic Spirit7/24/21
Dirt Cheap7/31/21 and 8/14/21
Willie Play More Band – 8/7/21 and 8/21/21
Revenge (Kiss Tribute Band) – 8/28/21
Across the Pond (Beatles Tribute Band) – 9/4/21
Legend  (Sings Journey & other Rock n Roll) – 9/5/21

Come and enjoy the Fun! 




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