Firewood ALERT Information Camping

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Firewood Information

firewood information

Firewood Information Camping

The New York State Department of Conservation has issued a warning pertaining to a pest infestation of firewood as close as Pennsylvania. These insects are capable of killing large sections of forests. It is recommended that you use kiln-dried firewood only. It is available from many local vendors. Please read the NYS firewood information website pages.  Firewood Information Camping

We also sell firewood at our campground store in bags.
If you plan on bringing firewood with you, show a receipt proving that it was purchased within a 50-mile radius of the campground. If you are unable to do so you will not be able to register and you will still be responsible for the entire amount of your stay. This applies to seasonal campers also. This is NYS Law. If you have any questions, please call us at (518) 605-9247 . Thank you for your cooperation!  Firewood information is very important to make sure we don’t destroy the campground lands that we enjoy the most all summer long.  Lake George  Firewood Information Camping

Ask one of our Manager’s for names & phone numbers of local firewood vendors.

These insect pests are moved around the Forests.  They go beyond their natural rate of spread based on biology and flight potential.  They are on firewood carried by campers, hunters & others of our forests. Firewood may come from trees killed by insect pests and taken down wherever the visitors came from.  Users are frequently not even aware they are moving eggs or larvae of these pests.  They may be hidden under the bark or buried deep within the log.  A casual observation of boaters and campers checking in at any campground will reveal trunk loads or boatloads of firewood being brought in often from far distant states. Once transported to new locations, eggs may hatch or larvae may mature & emerge to attack host trees in & around the camping areas. These new infestations are not detected until numerous trees start to die and the infestation has spread beyond our ability to eradicate it or control it.  Please click on the link below to learn more about firewood information. Firewood Information Camping    Schroon Lake

Firewood information Camping below:

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