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Fishing in the Lake George Region

Buy a NYS Fishing License and use it at Campground on the Schroon River.

Here is the link to purchase your New York State fishing license online 24/7

New York State Fishing License > (CLICK HERE)

Buy a NYS Fishing License

Adventures Await at Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground, Lake George, NY and Buy a NYS Fishing License

Buy a NYS Fishing License and use it at Campground on the Schroon River.

Discover the serenity of Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground, nestled by the shores of Lake George, NY.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful camping experience or planning to indulge in the excitement of Six Flags Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor, our destination offers a perfect retreat.

Purchase your fishing license effortlessly, adding a touch of tranquility to your RV park adventure.

Seamless Fishing License Acquisition Buy a NYS Fishing License

Indulge in the passive joy of fishing by obtaining your license effortlessly.

Our campground provides easy access to the necessary permits, ensuring you can peacefully cast your line into the pristine waters of Lake George.

Acquiring a fishing license is a breeze at Medcalf Acres.

With a simplified and hassle-free process, you can focus on the soothing sounds of nature as you prepare for a day of angling.  Buy a NYS Fishing License

Lakeside Camping Tranquility Buy a NYS Fishing License

Experience the passive tranquility of camping by the picturesque Lake George.

Our RV Park offers well-appointed sites, allowing you to unwind in the heart of nature with minimal disturbance.

Enjoy the convenience of camping in a well-equipped RV park.

Passive relaxation meets modern amenities, creating an ideal setting for a serene and comfortable stay amidst the stunning landscapes of Schroon Lake.

Adventure Awaits Beyond the Campsite

Transition seamlessly from serene camping to the thrilling adventures at Six Flags Great Escape.

A short drive away, experience the excitement of roller coasters and family-friendly attractions.

Splash into Hurricane Harbor and Indulge in passive water park enjoyment at Hurricane Harbor, part of the Six Flags Great Escape experience.

Cool off, relax, and make memories in this aquatic haven just moments away from your tranquil campground.

Easily transition between the passive bliss of camping and the excitement of nearby attractions.

Our campground serves as a perfect hub for a diverse range of experiences, allowing you to effortlessly tailor your getaway.

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Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground offers a harmonious blend of passive lakeside tranquility, easy fishing license acquisition, and convenient access to the thrill of Six Flags Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor.

Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, whether you seek a relaxing day by the lake or an adventure-packed excursion.

Your perfect getaway awaits at Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground.

Buy a NYS Fishing License

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Beautiful Riverfront at Medcalf Acres for awesome Trout Fishing!