Campground Kayak & Tube Rentals

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Campground Kayak & Tube Rentals

We always open Friday the weekend before Memorial Day, 10am.  We have kayak, canoe, rowboat and tube rentals available with riverfront access to the Schroon River.

There’s nothing better than spending a nice summer day on the Schroon River making memories with family and friends right here at Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground.
Tube – $10 for 2 hours. $5 per hour afterward, pro-rated.
Kayak, Canoe and Rowboat – $20 for 2 hours. $10 per hour afterward, pro-rated.

Life Jackets and Oars included. 

Campground Kayak/Tube Rentals     Schroon Lake

There is nothing like hanging out

on the Schroon River in the Schroon Lake Region in the Adirondack Mountains.  Cruise down the Schroon River in your favorite boat with your favorite beverage and have a great time!  Don’t forget the suntan lotion as you don’t want to look like a lobster when you are done!  lol     Campground Kayak/Tube Rentals

As you are cruising down

the Schroon River there is so much to explore from the sandy bottom to the driftwood to the birds, insects and many reptiles.  Look in the water and you might see your favorite Trout.  Look for a Blue Heron that might be flying around.  Bears, yes, I said bears.  There are thousands of them in the Adirondack Mountains.  Just be cautious and stay away from them.  Don’t try to feed them.  They are black bears, not brown bears who are the Grizzly type and very, very dangerous.   Campground Kayak/Tube Rentals

You will meet all kinds of new friends

on the Schroon River as it is a very popular place in the summer.  Many of our campers hang out on the river every chance they get, as it is so much fun!  If you try to venture to Schroon Lake, it gets very windy and can take you 4-6 hours or more.  Don’t forget your cell phone or bug spray.  Call 911 if you get lost or have an emergency.

Campground Kayak/Tube Rentals

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