Hiking Near Medcalf Acres

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Hiking Near Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground

Hiking Near Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground

Many Great Hiking Trails Near Medcalf Acres

Pharaoh Mountain Trail
Hiking Near Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground.  This trail (marked with red trail markers) is approximately 4.7 miles long with an ascent of 1,550 feet. The summit of the mountain is 2,557 feet above sea level. Access is gained by turning east from Route 9 onto Alder Meadow Road, about 1.5 miles north of Schroon Lake Village. Proceed eastward for a little more than 2 miles, where Crane Pond Road continues eastward from the intersection of the East Shore Road. The new trailhead and parking area is located at the end of Crane Pond Road, just within the wilderness boundary. Crane Pond is 1.9 miles from the new trailhead.
At 0.8 miles, the trail to Goose Pond departs southward. Continuing beyond this intersection, the trail forks at 2.6 miles, with the blue trail leading to Glidden Marsh, Oxshoe Pond and a lean-to; continue on the red trail for Pharaoh Mountain. The hiker using this trail is rewarded with an extensive panorama of the lake-dotted countryside surrounding Pharaoh and the high peak country to the north. From the summit, the red trail continues south and east approximately 1.5 miles to Pharaoh Lake.

Pharaoh Lake Trail

The new trailhead on Pharaoh Road, which heads northward from Beaver Pond Road, is 1.0 miles south of the old trailhead at Mill Brook. The Pharaoh Lake outlet is 3.4 miles from the new trailhead. The trailhead to the lake, which is an old road, is marked and maintained as a horse trail. Another horse trail begins near the village of Adirondack and leads north, then east for 7.4 miles before intersecting the Pharaoh Lake Trail just south of the Pharaoh Lake outlet.
The trail along the east shore of Pharaoh Lake begins at the outlet and is marked with yellow trail markers. The trail offers may fine views of the lake and Pharaoh Mountain. It intersects the Long Swing Trail at the north end of the lake, 2.3 miles from the outlet dam. There are three Adirondack lean-tos on the east shore.
The west shore trail marked in yellow and red, passes three lean-tos within the first mile. The summit of Pharaoh Mountain is reached 3.2 miles from the outlet dam.
Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground

Goose Pond Trail

This trail departs from the trail to Crane Pond at a point 0.8 miles from Crane Pond Road trailhead. The yellow marked trail leads 0.6 miles to the pond.
Spectacle Pond Trail

This trail is 1.6 miles long and marked with yellow markers. Access to the trail is gained by traveling east on Alder Meadow Road for 2 miles from Route 9 to a road on the right leading along the eastern shore of Schoon Lake. Follow this road 2.7 miles to the start of the trail. The trail follows Spectacle Brook for a short distance and then turns south to the pond.
There are no lean-tos on this pond but trout fishing is reported to be very good in both the pond and the brook.  Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground

Gull Pond Trail

This trail is approximately 0.5 miles long and is marked with yellow markers. It starts on the East Shore Road about 1.6 miles south of the intersection with the Alder Meadow Road.

Otter Pond Trail

This trail is a blue marked trail slightly more than 0.5 miles long which starts in the small bay on the east shore of Eagle Lake. Otter Pond is reported to have excellent trout fishing.

Arnold Pond Trail

This trail is a short blue trail just a little more than 0.25 miles long. The climb is steep, but hardly noticeable over such a short distance. The trail leaves NY Route 74 at a point 1.5 miles west of the Eagle Lake Causeway. The pond is stocked with trout.  Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground

Severence Hill Trail

This trail is a yellow marked trail just over 1.0 miles in length. It leaves Route 9 at a point 1.5 miles north of Schoon Lake Village. The summit of Severence Hill is 1,693 feet above sea level and a short exploration of the summit will reveal many fine views.